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Test Method: SATRA TM184

Friction of insocks

July 2000 (2020)


This method is intended to determine the frictional properties of footwear insocks under typical body weight loading conditions. The test is applicable to insock, sock lining and footbed materials, with and without foam backing, in either sheet or cut form. The test may also be used to measure the friction of hose materials.


A hose covered contactor is brought into contact with the insock material, mounted on a horizontal surface, under a specified vertical force. After a short period of static contact the contactor is moved relative to the insock at a specified speed. The force required to move the surfaces over each other is recorded and its value after the surfaces have moved a specified distance is divided by the contact force to give the coefficient of friction under the particular conditions of the test. The test can be carried out under dry and damp conditions.


Test method SATRA TM159 - Cushioning properties.


First issued July 2000. Revised (2020).


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