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Test methods for usage: Insoles

TM1Thickness of leather and insole materialsview details   
TM2Tensile properties of insole materialsview details   
TM3Flexing indexview details   
TM4Change in flexing index due to exposure to heatview details   
TM5Stitch-tear strengthview details   
TM6Water absorption and desorption - total immersion methodview details   
TM9Surface water absorption and desorptionview details   
TM10Longitudinal stiffness - three point bending testview details   
TM11Pin holding strength of insole materialsview details   
TM12Density of leather, leatherboard and insole materialsview details   
TM14Resistance to scuffing by mild circular abrasionview details   
TM58Stiffness of steel shanksview details   
TM59Longitudinal stiffness of insole backpartsview details   
TM65Split tear strengthview details   
TM88Measurement of the torsional stiffness of insole backpartsview details   
TM97Fatigue test for steel shanksview details   
TM98Dimensional stability with changes in atmospheric humidityview details   
TM101Surface peel strength of insole materialsview details   
TM112Fatigue resistance of insole backparts and backpart componentsview details   
TM121Shrinkage of insole materials on repeated wetting and dryingview details   
TM125Hardness - Rockwell ā€˜Cā€™ methodview details   
TM177Resistance to scuffing by mild to-and-fro abrasionview details   
TM184Friction of insocksview details   
TM197Shear properties of sheet materialsview details   
TM229Resistance of finished insoles to circular rubbingview details   
TM240Electrical resistance of footwear componentsview details   
TM278Moisture transfer test for insolesview details   
TM303Vegetable tans content - qualitative testview details   
TM405Determination of shear and peel strength of insole ribsview details   
TM305Wick testview details   
TM323Qualitative test for acidity in leatherview details   
TM360Method for the determination of the odour absorbing properties of insole materialsview details