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Test Method: SATRA TM201

Water and oil repellency - shoe care products

July 2021


This method is intended to determine the effect of a shoe care product, such as a polish or spray, on the water and/or oil repellency of a material. The method is applicable to shoe care products which make claims with regard to water repellency and/or providing some form of protection against staining by oil. It can also be used on untreated material which is intended to have a degree of water and/or oil repellency.

Method A uses alcohol-based liquids so is not suitable for treatments that are soluble in alcohols. Method B uses hydrocarbon-based solvents so is not suitable for treatments that are soluble in hydrocarbon-based solvents.


Drops of standard liquids are placed onto both untreated test specimens and test specimens which have been treated with the shoe care product. Mixtures of water and propan-2-ol (Isopropyl alcohol) are used to represent water while liquid paraffin and hydrocarbons are used to represent oil. Each standard liquid has a numerical value, the water or oil repellency of the test specimen is recorded as the highest value of standard liquid which is not absorbed by the specimen.


ISO 3696 – Water for analytical laboratory use – specification and test methods.


First issued October 1999. Revised July 2021.


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