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Test methods for usage: Leather - uppers and linings

TM8Colour fastness to circular rubbingview details   
TM9Surface water absorption and desorptionview details   
TM18Shape retention - dome plastimeter methodview details   
TM24Lastometer ball burst testview details   
TM25Vamp flex test - resistance to creasing and crackingview details   
TM28Mass per unit areaview details   
TM29Breaking strength and extension at breakview details   
TM31Abrasion resistance - Martindale methodview details   
TM33Strength perpendicular to needle perforationsview details   
TM34Resistance to water penetration - Maeserview details   
TM35Static friction material testview details   
TM36Break/pipinessview details   
TM43Tensile strength and extension at break of leatherview details   
TM44Liability to wrinkleview details   
TM47Water vapour permeability and absorptionview details   
TM55Flexing resistance of upper materials - Bally flexometerview details   
TM116Hot stress cracking of patent leather finishes - Zwick methodview details   
TM129Determination of the cold crack temperature of leatherview details   
TM140Scuff resistance - chisel methodview details   
TM148Resistance of finish films on upper leather to peeling and delaminationview details   
TM162Tear strength - Baumann methodview details   
TM163Abrasion resistance - Taber methodview details   
TM167Colour fastness to rubbing - crockmeter testview details   
TM170Burst strength and distension - diaphragm methodview details   
TM171Resistance to water penetration - penetrometer testview details   
TM172Water vapour permeabilityview details   
TM173Colour fastness to rubbing - reciprocating methodview details   
TM178Water vapour absorptionview details   
TM179Tear strength - wing rip methodview details   
TM185Resistance to water spotting of leathers, textiles and coated fabricsview details   
TM198Evaluation of water repellency of shoe care productsview details   
TM199Water spotting - shoe care productsview details   
TM200Resistance to mud staining - shoe care productsview details   
TM201Water and oil repellency - shoe care productsview details   
TM219Water absorption of leather - Kubelka methodview details   
TM235Resistance to repeated wetting and dryingview details   
TM236Breaking strength and tip deflection of needlesview details   
TM237Needle penetration forceview details   
TM277Determination of organotinsview details   
TM303Vegetable tans content - qualitative testview details   
TM304Qualitative tests for soluble colour in upper and lining materialsview details   
TM305Wick testview details   
TM408Adhesion of finish - deadweight methodview details   
TM335Colour fastness to water or perspiration (petri-dish method)view details   
TM344Hydrolysis of polyurethane solings and polyurethane coated leathersview details   
TM359Nitrocellulose finishes - qualitative testview details   
TM416Determination of film or coating adhesion to base materialview details   
TM441Resistance to penetration by needles and other sharp pointsview details   
TM448Scuffing resistance of leathers - Lisson Tretrad Methodview details   
TM460Wettability - Contact angle methodview details