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Test methods of the type: Discolouration

TM8Colour fastness to circular rubbingview details   
TM158Washability of footwearview details   
TM160Colour fastness to light from a xenon arcview details   
TM167Colour fastness to rubbing - crockmeter testview details   
TM173Colour fastness to rubbing - reciprocating methodview details   
TM185Resistance to water spotting of leathers, textiles and coated fabricsview details   
TM199Water spotting - shoe care productsview details   
TM200Resistance to mud staining - shoe care productsview details   
TM201Water and oil repellency - shoe care productsview details   
TM207Colour fastness to domestic & commercial launderingview details   
TM208Colour fastness to hot pressingview details   
TM216Shower resistanceview details   
TM217Resistance to surface wetting (spray rating)view details   
TM223Floor marking by solings or top piecesview details   
TM229Resistance of finished insoles to circular rubbingview details   
TM260Phenolic (elusive) yellowing of textilesview details   
TM304Qualitative tests for soluble colour in upper and lining materialsview details   
TM305Wick testview details   
TM335Colour fastness to water or perspiration (petri-dish method)view details   
TM338Salzman test - detection of contamination by oxides of nitrogenview details   
TM341Oxides of nitrogen discolouration testview details   
TM343Contact storage test for discolourationview details   
TM355Colour fastness to dry cleaningview details   
TM356Colour fastness of textiles to chlorinated water (swimming-pool water)view details   
TM357Colour fastness to sodium perborateview details