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Test Method: SATRA TM207

Colour fastness to domestic & commercial laundering

May 2002


This test method is intended to determine the potential for colour loss of textile materials and their propensity to stain other textiles during domestic and commercial laundering. The method is applicable to all fabrics and to fabric samples cut from garments.


A test specimen with a multifibre strip, together with steel balls is agitated in a wash liquor, then rinsed and allowed to dry. The test specimen is assessed with a grey scale for change in colour, and the multifibre strip is assessed with a grey scale for staining to determine whether any of its components became stained by colour lost from the test specimen during laundering.


BS 950: Part 1: 1980 - Illuminant for colour matching and colour appraisal.
BS EN 20105-A02: 1995 - Grey scale for assessing change in colour.
BS EN 20105-A03: 1995 - Grey scale for assessing staining.
EN ISO 3696: 1995 - Water for analytical laboratory use - Specification and test methods.
ISO 105-F10: 1989 - Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part F10: Specification for adjacent fabrics: Multifibre.


First issued May 2002.


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