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Test methods for usage: Finished clothing

TM207Colour fastness to domestic & commercial launderingview details   
TM208Colour fastness to hot pressingview details   
TM209Dimensional stability to washingview details   
TM210Dimensional stability to dry cleaningview details   
TM211Dimensional stability to steamview details   
TM213Tear strength - Elmendorf methodview details   
TM214Crease recovery of folded fabricsview details   
TM215Transparency of swimwearview details   
TM216Shower resistanceview details   
TM217Resistance to surface wetting (spray rating)view details   
TM254Evaluation of degradation of elastanes in swimwearview details   
TM355Colour fastness to dry cleaningview details   
TM356Colour fastness of textiles to chlorinated water (swimming-pool water)view details   
TM357Colour fastness to sodium perborateview details   
TM373The quantitative determination of butylated hydroxytoluene in packaging materialsview details   
TM460Wettability - Contact angle methodview details