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Test Method: SATRA TM235

Resistance to repeated wetting and drying

July 2001


The test is intended to assess any change in softness and colour of upper leathers as a result of repeated wetting and drying. Water absorption and desorption can also be monitored if required. The method is applicable to all upper leathers.


Test specimens are soaked in water or salt water for one hour then left at room temperature to dry for 23 hours. This procedure is repeated a number of times. The test specimens are compared to an untreated sample and a subjective assessment of the difference in softness/suppleness is made. Any change in colour is assessed by reference to grey scales. Water absorption and desorption can also be measured if required, by weighing test specimens before and after immersion.


ISO 105-A02: 1987 - Grey scale for assessing change in colour.
ISO 105-A03: 1987 - Grey scale for assessing staining.
ISO 3696: 1987 - Water for analytical laboratory use - specification and test methods.


First issued July 2001.


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