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Test Method: SATRA TM356

Colour fastness of textiles to chlorinated water (swimming-pool water)

February 1999


This method is intended to determine the likelihood of colour change in a material due to the action of swimming pool water. The method is applicable to all clothing that is likely to be immersed in swimming pool water, pool textiles and accessories that are associated with swimming.


A test specimen is immersed in chlorinated water of a known concentration in a wash wheel or similar machine for a defined period at a known temperature. Any change in the colour of the item is assessed subjectively by comparison with grey scales.


BS 950: Part 1: 1980 – Illuminant for colour matching and colour appraisal.
ISO 105-A02: 1987 – Grey scale for assessing change in colour.
ISO 3696: 1987 – Water for analytical laboratory use - specification and test methods.


First issued February 1999.


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