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Test Method: SATRA TM362

Abrasion resistance of soles - biomechanical method

March 2014


This test method is intended to determine the abrasion resistance of footwear soles with a heel height of up to 25 mm. The method is applicable to soles on most types of complete men’s footwear, but it can be used with moulded sole units or sheet soling material.


The footwear or soling material is mounted on a foot form which is attached to the leg of a walking machine. The test specimen is subjected to a cyclic walking action over an abrasive paving surface, the surface rotating incrementally while the forepart is in contact. The effect of the abrasion on the sole may be assessed qualitatively, by mass loss, thickness loss or a combination of these means.


This Test Method does not reference any additional Standards or Test Methods.


First issued September 2008. Revised March 2014.


This test method is not available for purchase online. Please contact for further information.