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Test methods for usage: Solings - rubber, EVA and other crosslinked

TM10Longitudinal stiffness - three point bending testview details   
TM40Moulded-on rubber soles - state of cure testview details   
TM60Ross flex test - resistance to cut growth on flexingview details   
TM63Oil swelling test for sole materialsview details   
TM64Compression set - constant stress methodview details   
TM68Density of water absorbent cellular materialsview details   
TM70Heat shrinkage of cellular solingsview details   
TM76Water absorption of cellular solings by the vacuum methodview details   
TM133Resistance to crack initiation and growth - belt flex methodview details   
TM134Density of materials by volume displacementview details   
TM136Thickness/effective thickness of soling materials and sole unitsview details   
TM137Tensile properties of plastics and rubbersview details   
TM142Falling mass shock absorption testview details   
TM144Friction (slip resistance) of footwear and flooringsview details   
TM159Cushioning propertiesview details   
TM161Bennewart flex test - resistance to cut growth on flexingview details   
TM174Abrasion resistance - rotating drum methodview details   
TM205Hardness of rubber, polyurethane and plastics - durometer methodview details   
TM206Hardness of rubber and plastics - IRHD methodview details   
TM218Tear strength of rubbers and plastics - trouser methodview details   
TM223Floor marking by solings or top piecesview details   
TM240Electrical resistance of footwear componentsview details   
TM345Solvent soluble matter in polymeric materialsview details   
TM353Ash content of polymeric materialsview details   
TM362Abrasion resistance of soles - biomechanical methodview details   
TM361Bloom formation of polymeric materials (accelerated ageing test)view details