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Test methods of the type: Abrasion

TM14Resistance to scuffing by mild circular abrasionview details   
TM31Abrasion resistance - Martindale methodview details   
TM95Abrasion and snagging resistance - drum methodview details   
TM140Scuff resistance - chisel methodview details   
TM154Shoe lace to shoe lace and shoe lace to lace carrier abrasionview details   
TM163Abrasion resistance - Taber methodview details   
TM174Abrasion resistance - rotating drum methodview details   
TM177Resistance to scuffing by mild to-and-fro abrasionview details   
TM193Abrasion resistance of leatherview details   
TM228Abrasion resistance of trims - drum methodview details   
TM361Bloom formation of polymeric materials (accelerated ageing test)view details   
TM362Abrasion resistance of soles - biomechanical methodview details   
TM391Flooring - biomechanical abrasion methodview details   
TM408Adhesion of finish - deadweight methodview details   
TM448Scuffing resistance of leathers - Lisson Tretrad Methodview details   
TM446Resistance to waterborne abrasive particulateview details