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Test Method: SATRA TM408

Adhesion of finish - deadweight method

June 2021


This method is intended to determine the level of adhesion of thin finish layers to their substrate. The method is generally used for finished leather but can also be used with any synthetic material which has a finish applied to its surface.


Small rectangular rigid strips, made from either PVC or metal, are bonded using a strong adhesive to the surface of the material being tested. The size of the material should be slightly larger than the strips that they are bonded to. The test material is then trimmed along each side of the rigid strips to produce the six test specimens required. Half of these test specimens will be soaked in water, while the other half are kept dry. A static peeling load is applied perpendicularly to the bond between the test material and the rigid strip with the load being increased until the test materials substrate peels away, leaving the finish attached to the rigid strip, therefore measuring the load required to separate the finish from the test materials substrate.


EN ISO 2418 - Leather. Chemical, physical and mechanical and fastness tests. Sampling location.
ISO 3696 - Water for analytical laboratory use. Specification and test methods.


First issued June 1968. Revised August 1980, July 1988, October 1993, June 2021.


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