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Test Method: SATRA TM33

Strength perpendicular to needle perforations

July 2021


This method is intended to determine the force required to pull a row of needles through a material in a direction perpendicular to the row. The method is applicable to all types of thin sheet material but is mostly used with those having a woven fabric structure.


A straight row of needles is pushed through the full thickness of a T-shaped test specimen so that it is parallel to and a specified distance from the base of the T. A tensile force is then applied to the test specimen, perpendicular to the row of needles to pull the test specimen free as a result of it failing at the needle holes. The maximum force recorded is divided by the width of the test specimen to give the strength perpendicular to the needle perforations.


EN ISO 7500-1 - Metallic materials. Verification of static uniaxial testing machines. Tension/compression testing machines. Verification and calibration of the force-measuring system.


First issued January 1968. Revised April 1971, October 1974, December 1980, November 1992, July 2021. Amended May 2010.


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