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Test methods of the type: Strength

TM2Tensile properties of insole materialsview details   
TM5Stitch-tear strengthview details   
TM11Pin holding strength of insole materialsview details   
TM20Lateral impact test for shoe heelsview details   
TM29Breaking strength and extension at breakview details   
TM30Tear strength - trouser leg methodview details   
TM33Strength perpendicular to needle perforationsview details   
TM43Tensile strength and extension at break of leatherview details   
TM51Lateral strength of slide fastenersview details   
TM52Strength of slide fastener pullersview details   
TM53Attachment strength of slide fastener end stopsview details   
TM58Stiffness of steel shanksview details   
TM59Longitudinal stiffness of insole backpartsview details   
TM65Split tear strengthview details   
TM74Breaking force, extension at break, strength factor and tightness of threadsview details   
TM80Transverse tensile strength of sheet materialsview details   
TM83Measurement of the area shape retention and collapsing load of formed box toe (toe puff) and counter (stiffener) materialsview details   
TM85Resistance of slide fasteners to damage during closure under a lateral forceview details   
TM86Impact test for rigid units and shoe bottomsview details   
TM88Measurement of the torsional stiffness of insole backpartsview details   
TM94Breaking force and extension at break of shoe lacesview details   
TM96Security of heel pinsview details   
TM101Surface peel strength of insole materialsview details   
TM106Breaking force, extension at break and tightness of tapes and bindingsview details   
TM108Strength of top-piece attachmentview details   
TM113Measurement of the strength of attachment of heels to footwear and the backpart rigidity of such footwearview details   
TM115Torsional strength of top piece attachmentview details   
TM117Attachment strength of decorative bowsview details   
TM118Strength of sandal toe postsview details   
TM120Strength of attachment of straps and nailed or stapled uppersview details   
TM123Closure strength of touch and close fastenersview details   
TM130Breakage of plastic lasts in bending testview details   
TM137Tensile properties of plastics and rubbersview details   
TM141Breaking force of buckles - three point bending testview details   
TM143Breaking force and extension at break of whole shoe top-linesview details   
TM148Resistance of finish films on upper leather to peeling and delaminationview details   
TM149Strength of eyelet facings and other laced fasteningsview details   
TM150Attachment strength of eyeletsview details   
TM151Strength of fastened bucklesview details   
TM162Tear strength - Baumann methodview details   
TM165Tab strengthview details   
TM166Slide fastener burst strengthview details   
TM170Burst strength and distension - diaphragm methodview details   
TM175Attachment strength of shoe lace tagsview details   
TM179Tear strength - wing rip methodview details   
TM180Measurement of the strength of stitched seams in upper and lining materialsview details   
TM181Strength of buckle and strap attachmentsview details   
TM203Tightness of screw-in studsview details   
TM213Tear strength - Elmendorf methodview details   
TM218Tear strength of rubbers and plastics - trouser methodview details   
TM226Slider locking strength of slide fastenersview details   
TM236Breaking strength and tip deflection of needlesview details   
TM237Needle penetration forceview details   
TM241Luggage handle strength - static loadingview details   
TM242Luggage corner impact strength - drop testview details   
TM243Luggage handle strength - ‘snatch’ testview details   
TM244Luggage fittings attachment strengthview details   
TM245Luggage trolley handles - collapsing strengthview details   
TM246Luggage trolley handles - bending strengthview details   
TM247Luggage handle strength - repeated liftingview details   
TM248Performance of wheels systems - rolling roadview details   
TM249Luggage - puncture resistanceview details   
TM269Seam slippage of woven fabricsview details   
TM275Security of attachment of stones or inlaysview details   
TM276Tensile strength of looped jewelleryview details   
TM439Shipping carton compression strength testview details   
TM440Edgewise compression strength of corrugated fibreboardview details   
TM441Resistance to penetration by needles and other sharp pointsview details