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Test Method: SATRA TM446

Resistance to waterborne abrasive particulate

September 2018


This method is intended to provide a means of evaluating the resistance of footwear to the abrasive effects of immersed flexing in water containing a suspension of abrasive particles. It is applicable to all types of shoes and boots with a heel pitch compatible with the test foot-form other than those that are too stiff to flex in normal wear.


A sample of footwear is fitted to a flexing foot-form and immersed in a tank containing water in which abrasive powder is circulated. The powder is kept in motion by a stream of air bubbles introduced into the water to prevent it settling, and the footwear is flexed for a predetermined number of cycles using a limited force, before being inspected for damage.


SATRA TM230 - Dynamic Footwear Water Penetration Test


First issued October 2015. Revised September 2018.


This test method is not available for purchase online. Please contact for further information.