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Test Method: SATRA TM55

Flexing resistance of upper materials - Bally flexometer

March 1999


This method is intended to determine the resistance of a material to cracking or other types of failure at flexing creases. The method is applicable to all flexible materials and in particular leathers, coated fabrics and textiles used in footwear uppers.


The test specimen is folded in half then one end is secured in a clamp. The test specimen is then turned inside out and the free end secured in a second clamp at 90 degrees to the first. The first clamp is repeatedly oscillated through a fixed angle at a defined rate causing the test specimen to flex. At set intervals the number of flexing cycles is recorded and the damage to the test specimen is visually assessed. The test can be carried out with wet or dry test specimens and at ambient or sub-zero temperatures.


This Test Method does not reference any additional Standards or Test Methods.


First issued December 1974. Revised May 1980, March 1999.


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