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Test Method: SATRA TM108

Strength of top-piece attachment

April 2021


This method is intended to determine the force required to detach the top-piece (top-lift) from a shoe heel. For a top-piece which is moulded around a metal spigot the method can also be used to assess the strength of attachment of the top piece to the spigot regardless of whether it is inserted into a heel. The method is applicable to all types of top-pieces but particularly plastic types used on raised heels.

Note: Rubber top-pieces, may alternatively be tested for adhesion peel strength by using SATRA TM411 provided that the top-piece is adequately flexible to allow the peeling action.


The force required to remove the top-piece front from the heel or spigot is measured. This method covers two basic types of construction:

Construction A – Top-pieces without a spigot

Construction B – Polymeric top-pieces with a spigot

With the top-piece aligned to be horizontal, one of its front edge corners adjacent to the heel breast is pulled away from the heel in a direction perpendicular to the top-piece/heel interface by means of a tensile strength tester until it is detached from the heel (Construction A) or, in the case of small top-pieces, detached from the metal spigot head contained within (Construction B). The top-piece corner is pulled by means of a wire loop inserted through a hole drilled near the corner, perpendicular to the top-piece/heel interface. When the top-piece is attached to a heel it is first necessary to cut away a small portion of the heel corner to allow the wire loop to pass completely through the thickness of the top-piece. The heel (or top-piece spigot in the case of Construction B) is linked to the other jaw of the tensile tester.


EN ISO 7500-1 - Verification of static uniaxial testing machines. Tension/compression testing machines. Verification and calibration of the force-measuring system.
SATRA TM411 - Peel strength of footwear sole bonds.


First issued January 1981 (draft). Revised September 1990 (draft), September 1992, March 2020, April 2021.


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