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Test methods for usage: Heels

TM19Dimensional measurements of plastic heelsview details   
TM20Lateral impact test for shoe heelsview details   
TM21Fatigue test for shoe heelsview details   
TM96Security of heel pinsview details   
TM108Strength of top-piece attachmentview details   
TM113Measurement of the strength of attachment of heels to footwear and the backpart rigidity of such footwearview details   
TM115Torsional strength of top piece attachmentview details   
TM144Friction (slip resistance) of footwear and flooringsview details   
TM156Resistance of heel assemblies to repeated compressionview details   
TM406Lacquer adhesion - cross hatch testview details   
TM417Cleavage test for heel lift lamination strengthview details