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Test Method: SATRA TM125

Hardness - Rockwell ‘C’ method

September 1992


This method is intended to determine the hardness of metals at room temperature. The method is mainly applicable to footwear shanks but can be used with any type of metal or metallic component.


A conical diamond tipped indentor is driven into the surface of a specimen. When the indentor has stopped moving the indentation depth is recorded. The force on the indentor is then increased to fifteen times the previous value. When the indentor has stopped moving the force is reduced to its original value and the indentation depth is again recorded. The difference between the indentation depth readings is used to calculate the Hardness Rockwell 'C' value, usually abbreviated as HRC.


BS 891: 1989 – Methods for hardness test (Rockwell method) and for verification of hardness testing machines (Rockwell method).


First issued April 1983 (draft). Revised July 1989 (draft) ; September 1992.


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