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Test methods of the type: Water transmission

TM6Water absorption and desorption - total immersion methodview details   
TM9Surface water absorption and desorptionview details   
TM47Water vapour permeability and absorptionview details   
TM172Water vapour permeabilityview details   
TM178Water vapour absorptionview details   
TM198Evaluation of water repellency of shoe care productsview details   
TM219Water absorption of leather - Kubelka methodview details   
TM239Loop wick testview details   
TM274Water vapour permeability of clothing membrane materialsview details   
TM278Moisture transfer test for insolesview details   
TM305Wick testview details   
TM376Advanced moisture management testview details   
TM436Determination of whole shoe thermal insulation value and cold ratingview details