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Test methods of the type: Fatigue

TM21Fatigue test for shoe heelsview details   
TM50Resistance of slide fasteners to repeated opening and closingview details   
TM87Fatigue test for rigid sole units and shoe bottomsview details   
TM97Fatigue test for steel shanksview details   
TM103Resistance of elastics to repeated extensionview details   
TM104Fatigue resistance of whole shoe backpartsview details   
TM112Fatigue resistance of insole backparts and backpart componentsview details   
TM156Resistance of heel assemblies to repeated compressionview details   
TM247Luggage handle strength - repeated liftingview details   
TM248Performance of wheels systems - rolling roadview details   
TM257Fatigue resistance of pedestal-chair clutch-assembliesview details