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Test methods for usage: Threads and elastics

TM72Linear densityview details   
TM73Twists per unit length of threadsview details   
TM74Breaking force, extension at break, strength factor and tightness of threadsview details   
TM95Abrasion and snagging resistance - drum methodview details   
TM102Measurement of the limit of useful extension of elasticsview details   
TM103Resistance of elastics to repeated extensionview details   
TM106Breaking force, extension at break and tightness of tapes and bindingsview details   
TM167Colour fastness to rubbing - crockmeter testview details   
TM180Measurement of the strength of stitched seams in upper and lining materialsview details   
TM233Water resistance of seams - cone testview details   
TM239Loop wick testview details   
TM398Extraction of threadsview details