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Test Method: SATRA TM167

Colour fastness to rubbing - crockmeter test

July 2017


This method is intended to determine the degree of transfer of surface colour from a material during mild dry or wet rubbing. The method is mainly applicable to fabrics, leathers, yarns and sewing threads but can be used to assess any coloured sheet material.


A test specimen of the material is rubbed by a dry or wet undyed cotton cloth which is moved linearly forwards and backwards under a constant contact force. After a set number of rubs any staining of the cotton cloth is subjectively assessed with a grey scale.


BS 950-1:1967 (2017) – Specification for artificial daylight for the assessment of colour. Illuminant for colour matching and colour appraisal.
EN 20105-A03:1995, ISO 105-A03: 1993 – Grey scale for assessing staining.


First issued November 1992. Revised April 2001, July 2017.


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