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Test Method: SATRA TM136

Thickness/effective thickness of soling materials and sole units

October 1996


This method is intended to determine the thickness of a plain sheet footwear soling material or the effective thickness, cleat depth and effective cleat depth of a soling or sole unit with a surface pattern. The method is applicable to all types of solid and cellular polymeric footwear soling materials, and all types of soles including those with surface patterns.


Method 1 – Direct method: for accurate measurements on smooth materials of uniform thickness. A thickness gauge foot is applied to a portion of a test specimen under a specified pressure and after a set time the thickness is measured. The procedure is repeated at a range of positions and the arithmetic mean thickness value is calculated.

Method 2 – Cross sectional area method: for solings or sole units with a tread pattern. A test sole unit is cut through its full thickness to produce a cross section of the tread pattern. The dimensions of the cross section, including the cleat depth, are measured with a graduated optical magnifier. Cross sectional areas of the tread pattern are calculated and the effective thickness and effective cleat depth are determined.

Method 3 – Gravimetric method: for solid non-absorbent sole units of uniform density. The mass, density and area of a test specimen are measured and its effective thickness calculated. The form of the sole must be as in Figure 1 (a) or (b), or as in Figure 1 (d) after removing any ribs or coring on the non-wearing surface. However, the slightly uneven non-wearing surface of a moulded-on sole is acceptable.


BS 903 Part A38 : 1991 – Methods for the determination of dimensions of test pieces and products for test purposes.


First issued November 1986 (draft). Revised February 1987 (draft), March 1987, October 1996.


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