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Test methods for usage: Solings - leather

TM5Stitch-tear strengthview details   
TM10Longitudinal stiffness - three point bending testview details   
TM12Density of leather, leatherboard and insole materialsview details   
TM41Dynamic water penetration test for sole leatherview details   
TM48Determination of grain crack index for sole leathersview details   
TM136Thickness/effective thickness of soling materials and sole unitsview details   
TM144Friction (slip resistance) of footwear and flooringsview details   
TM193Abrasion resistance of leatherview details   
TM220Dynamic water penetration test for leather - Bally permeometer methodview details   
TM303Vegetable tans content - qualitative testview details   
TM323Qualitative test for acidity in leatherview details