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Test Method: SATRA TM142

Falling mass shock absorption test

May 1992


This method is intended to determine the shock absorption properties of a material or assembly. The method is mainly applicable to the bottom units of whole shoes but can also be used to assess any compressible sheet material such as those used for solings, midsoles and insocks.


An impact striker of fixed mass, with a domed lower surface, is dropped vertically from a predetermined height onto a test specimen. During impact the maximum deceleration of the striker and indentation of the material are recorded. The lower the maximum deceleration, the better the shock absorption properties of the material. The height of the first rebound of the striker is also measured and the energy return calculated.


”The running shoe” by Peter R Cavanagh Ph.D; Published by Anderson World Inc. Mountain View CA : 1980.


First issued February 1987 (draft). Revised May 1992.


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