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Test methods for usage: Shoe bottoms

TM58Stiffness of steel shanksview details   
TM59Longitudinal stiffness of insole backpartsview details   
TM86Impact test for rigid units and shoe bottomsview details   
TM87Fatigue test for rigid sole units and shoe bottomsview details   
TM112Fatigue resistance of insole backparts and backpart componentsview details   
TM118Strength of sandal toe postsview details   
TM142Falling mass shock absorption testview details   
TM159Cushioning propertiesview details   
TM203Tightness of screw-in studsview details   
TM238Shrinkage of foam materialsview details   
TM404Rapid sole adhesion test - for complete footwearview details   
TM281Peel strength of bottom constructions in complete footwearview details   
TM411Peel strength of footwear sole bondsview details