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Test Method: SATRA TM18

Shape retention - dome plastimeter method

August 1995


This method is intended to determine the shape retention of a material after being stretched into a dome shape and subjected to a setting treatment. It simulates the lasting and heat setting of footwear. The method is mainly applicable to footwear upper materials but can be used with any other type of flexible sheet material. The method can also be used to monitor setting treatments.


A circular test specimen, which may be a single material or a laminated assembly such as a footwear outer and lining, is clamped round its edge and is distended into a dome shape. It is then exposed to a setting treatment which usually involves heat. After cooling, the test specimen is released and the loss of dome height with time is measured. Shape retention, expressed as percentage set, is calculated.


This Test Method does not reference any additional Standards or Test Methods.


First issued May 1966. Revised May 1989, August 1995.


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