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Test Method: SATRA TM24

Lastometer ball burst test

April 2017


This method is intended to assess how much a material can be stretched simultaneously in two directions (distended) without being damaged. This simulates conditions experienced during the lasting operation in footwear manufacture. The method is mainly applicable to footwear upper materials but can be used to assess any sheet material such as leather, plastics, and textiles. It is of particular value when assessing the risk of grain crack occurring on leather.


A circular specimen of the material is clamped round its edge and is gradually distended by forcing a small metal ball attached to a plunger through the specimen. At a certain distension, measured in terms of distance travelled by the plunger, either cracks appear in the surface of the material or a lower layer of the material sustains physical damage; this distension is recorded as the first damage point.

If required, the test can be continued until, at a higher distension the material usually bursts and this distension can also be recorded. Throughout the test the travel of, and force on the plunger may be monitored so that if required a plot of force against distension can be produced.


EN ISO 2418 - Leather. Chemical, physical and mechanical and fastness tests. Sampling location.


First issued February 1968. Revised October 1979; April 1992, April 2017.


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