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Test Method: SATRA TM34

Resistance to water penetration - Maeser

July 2019


This method is intended to determine the resistance of a material to water penetration upon flexing. The method is mainly applicable to footwear upper outer materials but can be used with any flexible sheet material.


A square test specimen is folded and secured in two V-shaped clamps which have closed ends so as to form a trough. The trough is then immersed in distilled or de-ionised water and one of the clamps oscillates at a constant speed such that the specimen is repeatedly flexed. The test is stopped at the first sign of water penetration through the test specimen. Water absorption can also be measured if required.


This Test Method does not reference any additional Standards or Test Methods.


First issued December 1986. Revised August 1989, March 1993, June 2019. Amended October 1996, March 2001, December 2009.


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