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Test methods of the type: Water resistance

TM9Surface water absorption and desorptionview details   
TM34Resistance to water penetration - Maeserview details   
TM41Dynamic water penetration test for sole leatherview details   
TM76Water absorption of cellular solings by the vacuum methodview details   
TM77Flexing machine - water penetration testview details   
TM171Resistance to water penetration - penetrometer testview details   
TM198Evaluation of water repellency of shoe care productsview details   
TM217Resistance to surface wetting (spray rating)view details   
TM220Dynamic water penetration test for leather - Bally permeometer methodview details   
TM230Dynamic footwear water penetration testview details   
TM233Water resistance of seams - cone testview details   
TM259Determination of resistance to water penetration - hydrostatic pressure testview details   
TM375Whole boot flex and water resistance tests for wellington bootsview details   
TM444Water resistance of footwear - centrifuge test methodview details   
TM460Wettability - Contact angle methodview details