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Test Method: SATRA TM144

Friction (slip resistance) of footwear and floorings

March 2021


This method determines the coefficient of friction between footwear and test floors under conditions simulating those experienced in the phases of a typical walking step when slip is most likely to occur.

The method is applicable to all types of footwear (except pram shoes), outsole units, heel top-pieces (top-lifts) and sheet soling materials, also to all types of test floors, including ice, turf and gravel and with or without surface contaminants, for example, liquid water, oil and grease.

The test conditions specified in the method may be inappropriate for footwear or test floors that force or induce wearers to walk in an atypical manner. Unless biomechanical studies indicate that the specified conditions are suitable for such footwear or test floors, results obtained using such footwear or test floors should be treated with caution.

Special purpose footwear or fittings containing spikes, metal studs or similar may be tested on appropriate surfaces but the method does not fully take into account the risk of tripping due to footwear/ground interlock.


The footwear item and the test floor are brought into contact, subjected to a specified vertical force for a short period of static contact and then moved horizontally relative to one another at a constant speed. The horizontal frictional force is measured at a given time after movement starts and the dynamic coefficient of friction is calculated for the particular conditions of the test.


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First issued June 1992. Revised February 1999, December 2004 (Issue 1), May 2006 (Issue 2), December 2007, February 2011, March 2021.


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