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Test methods of the type: Physical and chemical deterioration including flammability

TM49Resistance to damage due to contact with a hot surfaceview details   
TM63Oil swelling test for sole materialsview details   
TM70Heat shrinkage of cellular solingsview details   
TM168Dimensional stability of footwear foreparts to warm humid conditionsview details   
TM225Burning behaviour of slippersview details   
TM234Relaxation shrinkage and hygral expansion of fabricsview details   
TM254Evaluation of degradation of elastanes in swimwearview details   
TM310Atmospheric sulphide tarnishing and salt water corrosionview details   
TM324Thermal stability of PVC - Congo red testview details   
TM325Leaching test for plasticised PVC compoundsview details   
TM344Hydrolysis of polyurethane solings and polyurethane coated leathersview details   
TM351Bottle incubation testview details   
TM373The quantitative determination of butylated hydroxytoluene in packaging materialsview details