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Test methods for usage: Leather - general

TM1Thickness of leather and insole materialsview details   
TM17Shrinkage temperature of leatherview details   
TM95Abrasion and snagging resistance - drum methodview details   
TM178Water vapour absorptionview details   
TM279Accelerated conditioning procedure for leatherview details   
TM303Vegetable tans content - qualitative testview details   
TM331The estimation of soluble chrome in leatherview details   
TM346Fat and free fatty acids content of leatherview details   
TM348Ash and chromic oxide content of leatherview details   
TM349Acidity - pH value and pH difference figure - of an aqueous extractview details   
TM358Extractable chromium in leatherview details   
TM359Nitrocellulose finishes - qualitative testview details   
TM460Wettability - Contact angle methodview details