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Test methods of the type: Composition

TM277Determination of organotinsview details   
TM303Vegetable tans content - qualitative testview details   
TM323Qualitative test for acidity in leatherview details   
TM331The estimation of soluble chrome in leatherview details   
TM332Chemical analysis of polyurethanesview details   
TM345Solvent soluble matter in polymeric materialsview details   
TM346Fat and free fatty acids content of leatherview details   
TM348Ash and chromic oxide content of leatherview details   
TM349Acidity - pH value and pH difference figure - of an aqueous extractview details   
TM352Distinguishing between types of polyurethaneview details   
TM353Ash content of polymeric materialsview details   
TM354Qualitative test for the presence of nickelview details   
TM358Extractable chromium in leatherview details   
TM359Nitrocellulose finishes - qualitative testview details   
TM396Screening for the presence of chlorides in solid organic materials - the Beilstein testview details   
TM459The Quantitative Analysis of Disperse Dyes by LC-MSview details   
TM458 Qualitative Analysis of Silicone Contentview details