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Test methods for usage: Fasteners, buckles and trims

TM50Resistance of slide fasteners to repeated opening and closingview details   
TM51Lateral strength of slide fastenersview details   
TM52Strength of slide fastener pullersview details   
TM53Attachment strength of slide fastener end stopsview details   
TM85Resistance of slide fasteners to damage during closure under a lateral forceview details   
TM117Attachment strength of decorative bowsview details   
TM123Closure strength of touch and close fastenersview details   
TM141Breaking force of buckles - three point bending testview details   
TM151Strength of fastened bucklesview details   
TM166Slide fastener burst strengthview details   
TM181Strength of buckle and strap attachmentsview details   
TM226Slider locking strength of slide fastenersview details   
TM228Abrasion resistance of trims - drum methodview details   
TM275Security of attachment of stones or inlaysview details   
TM310Atmospheric sulphide tarnishing and salt water corrosionview details   
TM354Qualitative test for the presence of nickelview details